Ergonomic office chairs in London – You’ve came across a supplier with over thirty years in the industry

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Our most popular brand for ergonomic chairs in London are Herman Miller and Humanscale – each of which represent leading quality in their field.

These chair names easily fetch prices in the hundreds when purchased brand new – and yet we’re able to offer these at wholesale prices, whilst still delivering on our quality promise.

Ergonomic chairs are a must for protecting posture and for facing the working day in comport.

Designed to provide support for the lumbar and promote healthy blood flow, these chairs starkly compare to the unsupportive, uncomfortable office chairs of old.

Yet these benefits do come at a cost when buying new – and a high one at that.

That is unless you choose to purchase your ergonomic office chairs in London from us, a business that seeks out superior quality second hand items.

Ergonomic chairs London – Delivering right onto your office floor

Forget about waiting around for a delivery that doesn’t fit into your schedule. Don’t worry about having to rope staff in to pull boxes through your office door. We offer convenient deliveries right to your office floor– not at its door.

Need some help?

Perhaps you’re seeking out specific brand name ergonomic office chairs in London? Maybe you need to buy in bulk and wish to maintain a seamless look throughout your office? Whatever your request, our team will be able to help. With a 1500 square meter showroom and a huge customer base, we deal with hundreds of chairs every month. We can also source what we don’t stock – allowing you to receive a considerable saving on your office furniture bill compared to buying new.

We’re a business with heritage

We are a second generation family run business with more than 35 years of history. Over our time in this industry we’ve established a large base of customers and much invaluable experience. Today, we look forward to the next three decades of trade – offering the same unrelenting quality that we’ve become known for.

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